Wish List

As a rescue we are in need of a lot of different things! We ensure that our foster parents have everything they need to successfully whelp and raise a litter of puppies. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a written receipt.

Before taking items to a thrift store or throwing them out, please consider donating to MAMCO.

These are the items we need:

  • 4×6 hard plastic swimming pools (kiddie pools), we use these for whelping boxes
  • Hot water bottles or microwavable pillows, to warm puppies
  • Digital thermometers, to take the temperature of pregnant dogs to determine the onset of labor
  • Stethoscopes, to listen to baby heartbeats and ensure the puppies aren’t in distress
  • Locking tweezer clamps, in the event the mama dog does not cut an umbilical cord
  • Digital food scales (5lbs or more), to weigh newborn puppies and ensure they are gaining weight
  • Washable incontinence/pee pads. we use washable pads for the first four weeks of life to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Disposable incontinence or pee pads, during weeks 5-8 reusable pads are usually no longer an option as puppies go potty A LOT
  • Large wire dog crates, 24″ or larger
  • Old towels
  • Old blankets
  • Dog beds
  • Collars and leashes
  • Puppy play pens
  • Dog treats
  • Puppy food (mama dogs also need puppy chow while they nurse)
  • Dog toys
  • Medical supplies 
    • Tube feeding kits (catheter kits)
    • Bags of saline
    • Vagisil (used to treat ringworm)
    • Cans of pumpkin (for dogs with diarrhea)
    • Paper towels