Fostering Dogs 101

We Are A Community


Fostering is an opportunity to connect with others who are passionate about rescue. As a member of our rescue community you will gain support, friendship, and be surrounded by fellow crazy dog ladies and gentlemen. Everyone is welcome and included.

Thinking you can’t foster because you already have pets? Think again!!

Mom and baby

In the State of Colorado, fosters are allowed to house 8 adult dogs, regardless of city limits. This is because foster based rescues are regulated through the Department of Agriculture (PACFA), not individual cities.

A dam (mother dog) and her litter, regardless of the size, only count as 1 dog in a household. Until puppies are 8 weeks of age, they do not count against the PACFA pet limit.

Pregnant dams and dams with litters are often euthanized first in shelters to avoid the extra expenses associated with their care

Cady and her litter 6/2017

We would love to speak to you about fostering. Please go to the Volunteer Forms page and fill out a foster application. You could save lives and have a great time doing it!

On average 3.9 million dogs are euthanized in the United States each year


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