The Foster Process Q&A

At Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue for Pregnant and Nursing Dogs (MAMCO), we are always looking for a variety of different foster homes. We are entirely foster based, and we have several different fostering options available.

Long-Term Foster Commitments:IMG_7819

These foster commitments range from 6-12 weeks and usually involve a pregnant mom who will deliver puppies at your home, or a mom with very young puppies. Puppies cannot leave mom until they’re 8 weeks old.  

Medium-Term Foster Commitments:

These foster commitments range from 3-5 weeks. Often times we will receive litters of puppies without moms that are between 4-6 weeks of age. On occasion we will receive a mom with older puppies as well.

Short-Term Foster Commitments:

These foster commitments range from 10 to 14 days. Many times our puppies are fostered out of state and will only come to us once they are ready to be adopted. Upon arrival we require a 10 day quarantine period before they’re adopted.

Frequent Questions:

How much does it cost?

Fosters volunteer their time and energy, and in our opinion, fosters should NEVER have to spend their own money on top of their foster commitment. We provide all of the supplies you will need to be successful, including toys, puppy pads, crates, playpens, and cleaning supplies.

Am I required to attend adoption events?

The answer to this question is absolutely not! While it is helpful if you can transport your puppies to and from events, you are never required to do so and you are never required to attend.

Are there people available to talk to if I have a question?

Yes! We have a full team of foster coordinators, foster liaison’s, and drivers who are available to answer questions. We also have an emergency line for after hours emergencies.

Do you have to do a home check?

Yes! Colorado law requires a home check for all fosters, but you need not worry. We aren’t there to determine if you are Martha Stewart. We just want to make sure that you do not have holes in your fence or potential dangers in the areas where the puppies will be kept.

Am I allowed to adopt my foster dog?

We require fosters to foster a minimum of three litters or a mom and puppies for a minimum of three weeks before we allow them to adopt from our rescue. The reason we do this is because it takes a lot of time and resources to go through the foster approval process, the home check, and to send home supplies with fosters. In addition to the time spent setting up a foster, we also must consider those on our adoption waiting list, some who have been waiting a long time to adopt. Once a foster has completed three weeks of fostering, they are permitted to have first pick of their foster dogs.

What is the first step?

The first step is to thoroughly fill out your foster application at Once your application is complete, please send us an email at to ensure that we received your application. Our Director of Foster Care will review your application and will call you to set up a home check and determine at that time the level of commitment you are comfortable with.