Spay & Neuter

The world of rescue is in crisis, and at this point, we are doing everything in our power to stay open. Unfortunately, many of our spay and neuter partners have begun to increase their prices, which has caused us to be in a dangerous financial position. Our adoption fees are already high, and we hope that if we discontinue this aspect of the rescue that we will be able to lower adoption fees to increase our adoptions so we can save more dogs in the future. We hope to resume covering spay and neuter procedures at a later date when the economy and rescue are no longer in a state of distress.

The List Below is NOT meant for adopters who paid for the spay/neuter voucher. It is a list of low cost clinics for our ongoing adoptions.

Please contact us at if you need information about the vets where your voucher is valid.

Delayed Spay/Neuter

At MAMCO, we believe in doing what is best for puppies. Because of this it is essential that all dogs in our care are spayed or neutered. Breeding dogs actually shortens their lifespans and failure to spay or neuter can also lead to other health problems.

While we require that ALL of our dogs are spayed or neutered, new developments in veterinary medicine suggest that sterilizing a dog before 4 months of age can also lead to unnecessary health concerns. For this reason we prefer not spay or neuter our puppies until they are 4 months or older. MAMCO retains ownership rights to the dog until proof of spay and neuter is received.

Spay and Neuter Deposit

We require a $300 deposit in the form of a check. We will NOT cash this check unless you fail to have your puppy sterilized by 6 months of age. Once your puppy has been spayed or neutered, send us a picture of the spay/neuter certificate via email. At that time we will void your check.

We realize that right now many veterinarians have a full schedule and that it can be difficult to get an appointment. If your spay or neuter appointment is delayed slightly, moving you beyond the 6 month date, DO NOT PANIC. Just send us an email to showing us the appointment date, and we will make a note in our system to hold the check until the appointment date. Please remember to email us a copy of your discharge paperwork after the procedure to The vet will not tell us directly, and we will only destroy your check once this is received.