Pet Surrenders

We understand that surrendering a pet is an emotional and difficult thing to do. We also understand that sometimes circumstances change and an adopted dog may need to be returned.  We are not here to judge, condemn, or criticize. We love dogs, but we also love people!

At MAMCO, we embrace a philosophy of kindness, understanding, and empathy


We understand that sometimes things happen and dogs end up pregnant. If you desire to surrender your pregnant or nursing dogs, or unwanted puppies, we will do our best to place your surrendered animal(s) into safe, loving foster homes.

If you adopted a pet from us at any time, we will happily accept the return of the dog in the event that you are unable to keep him/her. We will place the dog in a foster home until a suitable adopter can be located.

Mowgli born 05/11/2017

We also accept stray and abandoned puppies, and dogs who are pregnant or nursing a litter. It is not uncommon for litters to be abandoned in rural parts of Colorado. Should you happen upon abandoned puppies, please contact us before taking the litter to a local shelter. Pregnant dogs, nursing dams, and stray litters are often euthanized first in shelter environments to avoid the costs of their care.

Please go to our contact page to fill out an owner surrender form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

*If you have found stray puppies or dams, or have an emergency situation, please call us at the numbers listed on the contact page and leave a voicemail.