Our Board of Directors

President of the Board

Aron Jones

Aron is also the founder of Moms and Mutts. She holds Master’s Degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies, and believes that her background as a college professor and teacher have helped her to navigate the world of rescue.

Vice President of the Board

Marcie Suhr

Camera Shy

Marcie is a lifelong rescuer and animal advocate. She began working with Moms and Mutts as a community member seeking rescue for abandoned dogs in her hometown of Lubbock, TX. Shortly thereafter, Marcie became the foster coordinator for Moms and Mutts. She now operates the MAMCO office in Lubbock, and issues spay vouchers to local community members on behalf of the rescue.

Board Secretary

Ursula Dunn

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Ursula is a mother and a teacher. She joined the Moms and Mutts board following a negative experience with another rescue. She wanted to help create change in the rescue world and to ensure that all dogs and fosters are treated with dignity.

Board Treasurer

Robert Jones

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Robert is a lifelong dog lover and has 20 years of experience in finance. He acts as the Chief Financial Officer of the rescue.