MAMCO Belize

MAMCO Rescue is a Colorado based 501c3 nonprofit rescue. We have rescued over 11,000 dogs in the five years since we opened, and now we are seeking to help the dogs and children of Hopkins, Belize.

Aron Jones, the founder of MAMCO Rescue and her husband Robert, cashed in their retirement fund in order to purchase land in Hopkins. They plan to place two prefabricated homes on the 2 acre lot. One to house veterinarians and volunteers, and the other to act as a new humane society. This humane society will be a multipurpose venture that helps the local animals, while also providing educational opportunities for the local children.

The humane society will provide spay and neuter services, routine vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick treatments, and more. Because most children cannot afford to attend school past the 6th grade, children ages 12 – 18 will be given the opportunity to work with the animals in exchange for educational scholarships.

MAMCO Belize Clinic Donation

Please read the story below, written by MAMCO’s founder, Aron Jones, to learn more about this venture.