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To support our charity, always shop at and select “Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue for Pregnant and Nursing Dogs” as your charity.

Any Purchases after will Support Our Rescue. or you can donate new items on Amazon

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Used Goods Wishlist

As a rescue we are in need of a lot of different things! We ensure that our foster parents have everything they need to successfully whelp and raise a litter of puppies. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a written receipt.

Before taking items to a thrift store or throwing them out, please consider donating to MAMCO.

These are the items we need:

  • 4×6 hard plastic swimming pools (kiddie pools), we use these for whelping boxes
  • Hot water bottles or microwavable pillows, to warm puppies
  • Digital thermometers, to take the temperature of pregnant dogs to determine the onset of labor
  • Stethoscopes, to listen to baby heartbeats and ensure the puppies aren’t in distress
  • Locking tweezer clamps, in the event the mama dog does not cut an umbilical cord
  • Digital food scales (5 lb. or more), to weigh newborn puppies and ensure they are gaining weight
  • Washable incontinence/pee pads. we use washable pads for the first four weeks of life to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Disposable incontinence or pee pads, during weeks 5-8 reusable pads are usually no longer an option as puppies go potty A LOT
  • Large wire dog crates, 36″ or larger
  • Large plastic dog crates, 36″ or larger
  • Old towels
  • Old blankets
  • Dog beds
  • Collars and leashes
  • Puppy play pens
  • Dog treats
  • Puppy food (mama dogs also need puppy chow while they nurse)
  • Dog toys
  • Medical supplies 
    • Tube feeding kits (catheter kits)
    • Bags of saline
    • Vagisil (used to treat ringworm)
    • Cans of pumpkin (for dogs with diarrhea)
    • Paper towels