Adopter Reviews

We absolutely LOVE feedback and we love updates even more. We are constantly working to improve our practices to ensure that we are taking the best possible care of both dogs and their adopters. Here are a few things adopters had to say about their experience with MAMCO:


“From inquiries to everything needed to adopt my new puppy MAMCO has been amazing! They were prompt in answering all of my emails, and the adoption event was well run. I enjoyed seeing the foster parents with the moms and puppies. Bailey has been such an amazing puppy, she was obviously well cared for and loved. Her transition into our family has been flawless and we are so in love. Thanks MAMCO for making this process so amazing.”  – Sarah B.

“MAMCO is the best rescue organization I have ever dealt with. I had all of my questions answered and after chatting in great detail about what kind of dog would work for my family, they recommended one for me. She is a healthy, beautiful, perfect dog for us. We have now had her 10 months and couldn’t be happier. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for MAMCO – thank you! I also keep in touch with the foster mother and she is absolutely amazing – truly a special person. My family will be getting another dog this year, and we know it will be a MAMCO pup!” – Dylan H.

“We got our puppy from this place! Aron is really good at what she does. Based off of pictures we chose one dog but after talking with Aron she recommended a different dog for our family. He is the best dog we’ve ever had! We tell everybody looking for a new dog to go here. We will probably never get another dog anywhere else. Highly recommend if you are looking for a new dog!” – Chad M.

“I adopted my sweet baby boy, Murphy from MAMCO a couple weeks ago. They were very thorough with the application & took their time reviewing it to make sure the dog was going to a good home.

Murphy is happy & healthy and loving his new home.. will send any friends looking to rescue to MAMCO!”  – Melissa B.

“I adopted my puppy from MAMCO in September last year and could not say better things! The fee for adoption to me was really reasonable knowing that it was in exchange for a well cared for, loved, healthy, happy puppy who is microchipped and includes spay or neuter. I felt like throughout the process these were people who genuinely loved these dogs and were looking for the best homes for them possible. They even went above and beyond for me when I adopted him and helped watch him the weekend after because I was headed out of town for a family event and he was too young for boarding. Just lovely! When it comes to supporting your local community, you are getting just that with these folks and adopting pups from them. I love my little man so much. Highly recommend!” – Sydney S.

“Very reputable rescue. Their focus on the well being of the dogs they adopt out is admirable and inspiring. I wish all rescues were as great as this group.” – Stephanie C.

“This rescue is the best one I’ve been to in Colorado and I’ve been to quite a few rescues.Their thoughtful, considerate, well organized and they genuinely care about their dogs and the wellbeing of the dog. They put the dogs and adopters first and not just because of the money but because they truly want to save as many dogs lives as they can they treat the dogs very humanely and take care of ALL of the medical needs and no matter how sick or hurt they do whatever it takes to give the dog the best chance at life.” – Janette H.

“I adopted my little fur baby from this organization and I can tell you that these people work so hard! They all are so dedicated and truly passionate when it comes to saving animals. I’m so amazed by how strong these people are! I highly suggest supporting this organization!” – Gracie D.

“I had just lost my best friend when I started to look for a new pup. Mom’s and Mutts used the most patience with me looking and scheduling meetings with my self and the pups. Unfortunately, I did not adopt from them because I had a pup adopt me before I could. I will always recommend this agency to any one looking for a pup. As a matter of fact my sister in law is looking right now and we have looked into their sight a few times. Thank you all for your heart work and HUGE hearts !” – Angela D.

“I want to thank mom’s and mutts for providing me with the best puppy a man could ask for. Bruce has been with me for a little longer than a month now, and we’re both as happy as can be. I contacted mom’s and mutts one night over a break at work after having seen Bruce’s picture on thier website. Inquiring about the dog, I was made aware of their adoption process, and how to best get the dog to me. I put down my deposit, and was able to finalize everything within 48 hours. Bruce came to my house happy and healthy, which is the way he will stay for the rest of his life. Thank you mom’s and mutts! From both me, and Bruce!” – Kendall C.

“This place has an amazing and important mission! The adoption process was in-depth but easy. I can respect the process and appreciate the attention to detail. The adoption process is all about finding the best home and family for the dog and you stay true to that. Every one I talked to and experienced is amazing. Once my puppies are settled I’m considering fostering so I can help others like these amazing people helped my puppies. I 100% recommend this rescue. If you guys need help with any admin help I’d be more then happy to donate some time until I can foster. Thanks again for all you do and for bringing the light and love of a dog into peoples homes. Finely and Gwen are going to be awesome additions to our family.” – Melissa F.

“I recently adopted my new best friend from this rescue, and can I just say I LOVE HIM!! And I LOVE THEM!! I had so many questions and everybody that was there was so so helpful and took so much time from their day to answer all of my questions and made sure I understood everything and was comfortable with everything! To this day I still stay in contact with their adoption people, and they never treat me like I’m a bother. It is clear that it’s not about the money for them. They care so much about their dogs, and really are there to help in any way they can! In fact, one of the staff sat on the phone with me for over an hour explaining to me the pet insurance stuff again because my memory isn’t the greatest and I couldn’t remember all of the details. They explained it all to me when I adopted my sweet boy, and even sent me home with a packet of information explaining it, but they were still willing to take the time to explain it again! Thank you so much to EVERYONE at this amazing rescue, you all are wonderful people and the work you are doing is truly the work of angels!! I will DEFINITELY be coming back to you when I’m ready to add another addition to my small but growing family!!” – Anna V.

“This is an awesome rescue who not only saves puppies but they save the mamas too and make sure all get a good home – hardworking and incredibly dedicated to all kinds of dogs not just cute fluffy ones like some rescues do! I have witnessed their dedication first hand and am proud to review this group!” – Dani B.

“I have adopted 3 dogs from them! They are wonderful additions to my family! They have all been well vetted and the support I have received has been awesome!” – Deirdre E.